Big victory! Audio systems now a standard part of construction plans

When Massine first started in the district, she would meet with educators, parents and principals to figure out creative ways to fund audio systems. Often, the school PTO would step in to fundraise. Sometimes a school would receive a donation from a local company or foundation. But things have changed a lot thanks to the dedication of Ms. Massine, one principal and a special education director.

Ten years ago, this trio researched the importance of audio systems and approached the district’s building committee with a proposal to include audio systems as part of any new school construction plan. The team succeeded. For the past seven years, all new elementary schools in DCSD have been built with fully integrated Lightspeed audio systems in every classroom.

“Students need access to spoken instruction. Every student, even those without hearing loss or auditory processing challenges, benefit from the Lightspeed audio systems,” said Dr. Massine. “When students move from classrooms with this technology to classrooms or schools without it, they really miss it.”

Wired, wireless mobile–finding the right audio system for every student and teacher

Even though the new elementary schools in DCSD are all now benefiting from audio systems, there are still other schools in the district that lack the advantages to learning that the audio systems provide. She and her fellow audiologists continue to work with teachers and principals in older schools to find funds for retrofitting with products like Lightspeed’s Redcat wireless audio systems.

“DCSD teachers really use today’s technologies and digital learning tools with their students,” said Massine. “Multimedia resources are much more effective when students aren’t straining to hear audio through a teacher’s laptop speakers. Whether it’s Redcats or a whole-room wired system, the sound is distributed much more effectively and students are better able to comprehend the material.”

It’s not only students who are benefiting from Lightspeed audio systems. In buildings without built-in systems in every classroom, many teachers struggle with vocal fatigue.

“It’s amazing the difference that an audio system can make for a teacher. A few teachers have told us that they thought they were going to have to consider other options besides teaching in the classroom because they could no longer comfortably project their voices loud enough for students to hear,” said Massine. “Lightspeed has allowed these teachers to continue comfortably and effectively teaching their students.”