Leveraging audio technologies to aid in 21st century learning

Massine is excited to continue to implement audio technologies throughout the schools that she serves and to expand how these can assist teachers as they adopt new learning strategies such as project based learning. Teaching philosophies are evolving to include greater student-centered learning and collaboration. Audio technologies such as the Flexcat, a group audio system, are an exciting addition to the field.

“The Lightspeed audio technologies have become an integral part of our district,” said Massine. “Our younger students take them for granted because they’ve never known a classroom without an audio system. That’s how much our students depend on the systems and how much they know they help them learn.”

Tips from DCSD to Get the Most from Your Audio Technologies

Here a few strategies that Dr. Massine and her team use to ensure that DCSD teachers and students can easily use their Lightspeed audio technologies.

Recruit assistants. Have teachers ask a few students to be their audio assistants. Teach the students how to turn the equipment on, charge microphones, and do basic troubleshooting. This helps teachers get going at the start of a busy day and ensures someone is available to help substitute teachers use the equipment in the classroom. This strategy is also a great way to empower and engage students.

Have a substitute plan in place. Make sure you have written instructions for substitute teachers and identify their Lightspeed assistant students.

Use pictures. Younger students will find picture versus written instructions helpful in getting started with their Lightspeed equipment.

Create a HAT. Recruit two to three teachers per building to join a Hearing Assistance Technology team. The Hearing Assistive Technology (HAT) team trains other teachers on how to use the technologies and is available to troubleshoot.

“Students need good access to spoken instruction. Every student, even those without hearing loss or auditory processing challenges, benefit from the Lightspeed audio systems,” “Lightspeed has saved the careers of some amazing teachers.”

“Multimedia resources are much more effective when students aren’t straining to hear audio through a teacher’s laptop speakers.”

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