The blended learning classroom is different to the traditional classroom, and the strategies of the past need to be modified

blended-learningThe world changes, and when it does the old ways of doing things may no longer work. The answers that used to be correct in the past may now lead to incorrect answers.

This should be a mantra for education in the 21st century; it should be a mantra for the move to blended learning.

In the past an experienced teacher could modify a traditional lesson, and even a traditional course “on the fly.” However, the “rules” of the past no longer apply in this area; it is very difficult to build a blended learning course “on the fly.”

Some explanation of this statement follows, with a course delivered in a “traditional” manner compared to a course delivered using a blended learning model.

Watch: Blended learning explained in 2 minutes and 38 seconds.

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