10 Fun Ways to Keep the Whole Family’s Brains Growing this Summer

As the school year draws to a close, kids are champing at the bit for the carefree summer months to arrive. And while teachers and parents are also looking forward to a less pressured pace, they also often bemoan the loss of academic skills that students typically experience over the summer months. “Summer Brain Drain” isn’t inevitable, however, and the months before school starts again can be a time of growing minds in ways that are fun and can involve the whole family.

The BrainWare Company, the developer of BrainWare SAFARI, the leading cognitive skills development software in education, is offering a free resource for summertime activities for kids and families that will help keep kids’ minds active and growing. The activities address skills like Prioritizing, Possibility Thinking, and Listening and Self-Confidence. Downloadable descriptions of the activities are available at http://www.mybrainware.com/how-it-works/end-summer-brain-drain.

“Summer is a great time to involve children in activities that actually strengthen their thinking skills,” says Betsy Hill, president and chief operating office of The BrainWare Company. “And it doesn’t have to seem like work. The activities parents will find on our End Summer Brain Drain page are engaging, thought-provoking, and some are even designed to bring parents and kids closer.”

In addition to the free resources available on its website, The BrainWare Company offers BrainWare SAFARI, the leading cognitive skills development program in education, and SkateKids, a cognitively based reading program. Both programs combine the best of engaging digital game-based learning with solid neuroscience principles to develop the skills children need for success in school and life. The company’s programs are supported by peer-reviewed published research.

About BrainWare SAFARI®
BrainWare SAFARI develops 41 cognitive skills in a comprehensive, integrated and engaging way. The areas of skill development are grouped into six areas: Attention, Memory, Visual Processing, Auditory Processing, Thinking, and Sensory Integration. BrainWare SAFARI was named one of the Top 100 Products of 2011 by District Administration Magazine, and has earned an impressive array of awards including the Software and Information Industry CODiE Award as Best Education Game or Simulation; a Parents’ Choice Award, a Teachers’ Choice for the Family Award; the Academics’ Choice Mindspring Award; a Mom’s Choice Award; a Distinguished Achievement Award from the Association of Educational Publishers and the Parent Tested Parent Approved Seal of Approval.

About SkateKids™ and Ramps To Reading™
SkateKids and Ramps To Reading are online digital game-based reading programs built to stimulate and develop the cognitive processes necessary for reading, including Planning, Attention and Sequential and Simultaneous Processing, while students build critical literacy skills. SkateKids was a finalist for the Software and Information Industry CODiE Award as Best Education Game or Simulation.

For further information, visit www.MyBrainWare.com or call 877-BRAIN-10 (877-272-4610).

About the Author:

Betsy Hill