PORTLAND, Ore. – May 27, 2014 – Visual collaboration technology pioneer InFocus Corporation (www.infocus.com) today announced the addition of a 65-inch JTouch model to in its line-up of large-format 1080p, LCD displays that turn notebooks into massive touchscreens.

“There’s nothing quite like an enormous touchscreen for engaging people, especially students,” said product manager Dave Duncan. “People tend to pay more attention when they can clearly see and interact with a bright, colorful image or presentation.”

Like the previously released 55-inch and 70-inch JTouch models, the 65-inch device connects to a notebook – PC or Mac – with an HDMI cable, VGA, USB Type-A, or wirelessly via the InFocus LiteShow adapter. Its edge-to-edge 1080p-resolution and a built-in stereo speaker system, ensure a bright, clear audio/visual experience for all meeting attendees or students, even those at the back of a large room.

“JTouch is an extension of a Mac or PC notebook to a size that everyone can see and touch, effectively eliminating the need to huddle around the laptop,” added Duncan. “It delivers an entry-level, very large touchscreen experience at a price that’s just right for the classroom.”

When paired with InFocus BigNote software on the JTouch user’s Windows 7/8 computer, JTouch can become an interactive whiteboard with a variety of annotation tools like highlighters, pens and shapes.

The 65-inch InFocus JTouch is available directly from InFocusStore.com or through authorized reseller partners. For more information and detailed technical specifications on JTouch or to learn about InFocus’s other visual collaboration products and services, please visit www.infocus.com.

About InFocus Corp.
InFocus leads with creative solutions for successful visual collaboration in large venues, conference rooms, classrooms and workstations throughout the world. The company’s flagship product Mondopad, a giant touch PC/tablet hybrid, makes content more immersive, audiences more involved and every interaction more engaging, as it brings together all of the collaboration tools people need to visually present, capture and share ideas. For more information or to purchase InFocus products and services, visit www.infocus.com or www.infocusstore.com. Follow InFocus on Facebook at facebook.com/InFocusCorp, LinkedIn at linkedin.com/company/InFocus or Twitter at @InFocusCorp and @InFocusEDU.

About the Author:

Andrea Jones

Andrea Jones is a technology specialist in Virginia. A former French teacher, she currently supports technology integration in a middle school.