Conceptua Math Adds Clever SIS Integration to Support IT Staff and Teachers

Petaluma, CA – May 27, 2014 – Conceptua® Math today announced a partnership with Clever to seamlessly integrate district student information systems (SIS) data with its online digital math solution. The collaboration will make it easier for teachers and students to use Conceptua’s innovative visual models, class lesson sequences and teacher supports, while providing a FERPA-compliant way to sync student rosters with Conceptua Math.

“Our goal at Conceptua is to help teachers use technology to deliver instruction based on best practice to their students. Our partnership with Clever helps us realize this goal by maximizing the instructional time that teachers have with their students,” states David Robertshaw, Conceptua’s VP of Project Management. “ Clever’s secure, automatic data syncing helps to minimize the level of data management required of district IT staff and teachers. This collaboration lets Conceptua Math sync with nearly any SIS system, while maintaining our FERPA-compliance. It’s a win for us and the districts we serve.”

The partnership with Clever will allow districts to deploy Conceptua Math with up-to-date student and teacher enrollments, even as they change throughout the school year. The collaboration will free schools and teachers from the burdens of data and technology management, allowing teachers more time to focus on instruction and formative assessment with Conceptua Math.

“We are especially excited that Clever has launched their new “Instant Login” feature,” adds Robertshaw. “Student login time can devour a huge portion of the instructional period. Now students will be able get to their Conceptua Math lessons instantly.” Tyler Bosmeny, Clever’s CEO, added, “Clever has always been focused on making sure students and teachers can spend time on what matters, instruction and learning. We’re excited to partner with Conceptua Math in bringing a seamless experience to classrooms.”

About Conceptua Math
Conceptua Math, an innovator in online elementary math solution, was founded by a team of educators, educational publishers and research leaders with a mission to transform the teaching and learning of mathematics. Conceptua Math offers research-based, interactive visual models, built-in discussion guides that empower teachers to facilitate the Common Core Standards for Mathematical Practice, and adaptive teaching technology that allows teachers to diagnose and remediate student misconceptions. For more information, visit or phone 888.768.MATH.

About Clever
Clever is the simplest way for schools to keep their learning software in sync with their existing student information systems. Over 20,000 schools across the United States use Clever, and over 100 innovative software applications now integrate with Clever, including Interactive Achievement, Imagine Learning, and DreamBox. In 2012, the SIIA named Clever the “Most Innovative Company in Education,” in 2013, Clever was awarded first place at SXSWedu, and in 2014 Clever won ROE’s first prize for learning infrastructure. Clever’s headquarters are in San Francisco, CA. For more information contact Clever at (415) 562-6483,, or


About the Author:

Andrea Jones

Andrea Jones is a technology specialist in Virginia. A former French teacher, she currently supports technology integration in a middle school.