5 AV trends transforming the Common Core

Trend 2: Passive Listening to Active Response

Common Core assessments are still in their infancy. As testing begins across the country, more changes are on the way. Recently, PARCC announced that testing during the 2016-2017 school year will integrate oral responses in the Speaking and Listening Assessment section. This mandate marks the transition from passive listening to more active responses. Students will be listening with the earcups, but also actively participating by using a headset’s microphone to give their answers.

Districts need to begin planning now for this transition, and to prepare students for the experience of taking a different type of test.

Trend 3: Day-to-Day Classroom Activities

The Common Core emphasizes the importance of speech intelligibility, and critical speaking and listening skills in the English language arts (ELA) portion. Headphones and headsets enable educators to incorporate rich audiovisual resources to support these lessons on a daily basis.

Headphones and headsets give educators the opportunity to deliver clear instruction directly to their students. This helps students focus and be more engaged with the tasks they are working on. Many headphones and headsets also offer noise reduction features that help limit distractions.

Districts also want students to feel comfortable taking the new Common Core assessments. Using headphones and headsets for day-to-day classroom activities will familiarize students with the experience before testing begins.

Trend 4: one-to-one Headphone Initiatives

Many districts have already adopted one-to-one technology initiatives for implementing devices such as tablets and laptops in the classroom. However, few have invested in the equipment to fully deliver the learning potential those devices posses to prepare students for the Common Core. Part of being a 21st century school is putting technology into the hands of everyone, and districts are discovering that headphones are an essential piece of this puzzle.

Headphones are crucial for the computer-based programs that are routinely used in the classroom for Common Core lessons, but are only effective if every student has a pair. Districts hoping to make classroom life easier for instructors, and to enhance one-to-one technology initiatives already in place, are working towards providing headphones on a one-to-one basis. The goal is to equip every student with the technology needed to successfully fulfill the Common Core requirements.

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