5 AV trends transforming the Common Core

Trend 5: Cost Effective Solutions

District leaders know that keeping up with any trend comes at a price, and funds aren’t always available to make these aspirations a reality. As a result, administrators are seeking cost effective solutions for fulfilling the Common Core listening requirements.

Using ear buds instead of headphones is an economical way for districts to meet Common Core testing requirements. While, PARCC assessments recommend headphones with a USB connection, ear buds (with a 3.5mm tip ring sleeve) meet the technical specifications outlined. Of course the decision to use ear buds for the short term trades off the health aspects of ambient noise-reducing earcups or a model warranted to withstand years of classroom use.

Tim Ridgway is Vice-President of Marketing for Califone, and a leading expert on headphone and headset requirements for Common Core assessments.

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