Digital reading service helps preserve language while fostering literacy

myON translates digital texts into the native language of the Muskogee (Creek) Nation

First Lady Frances Tiger discusses Muskogee (Creek) Nation’s partnership with myON and what it means for the tribe’s legacy.

A unique partnership between the Muskogee (Creek) Nation and myON not only fosters English language literacy among students in this American Indian tribe, but also seeks to preserve the tribe’s history, culture, and language among its younger generation through reading digital texts.

Through the partnership, myON—a digital reading service with thousands of titles from more than 50 publishers—is translating more than 20 titles into the Creek language. The company also is adding a number of the tribe’s own stories to its myON platform. Each of these books will be read by an elder from the tribe, so students will hear the Creek language spoken by one of their own.

In a recent interview, First Lady Frances Tiger discussed Muskogee (Creek) Nation’s partnership with myON and what it means for the tribe’s legacy.

What are your thoughts on literacy and reading in general, and how do feel your partnership with myON will support your tribe’s mission in supporting its students?

I believe that basic literacy is the foundation of education and that strengthening the literacy skills of our children will transform the future of the entire nation. In building our students’ literacy skills, we strengthen our people and build a workforce that will represent the Muscogee (Creek) Nation in Indian Country and the United States.

Our partnership with myON supports our mission because myON allows us to teach our children both literacy and cultural and historical awareness at the same time. Because myON publishes titles in the ancestral Creek language, we are encouraging our students to read to learn while also teaching them that their ancestry and language is a vital and vibrant addition to their education and future.

Preserving the Muscogee culture, way of life, and language are paramount to you. Can you share a little insight into how this partnership will support your mission in doing so?

eSchool News Staff

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