Four favorite tools for English language learning

English-learningHere are reviews of four high-quality digital tools that can help teach English language skills, courtesy of Common Sense Media and its new Graphite service–a free database of teacher-written reviews of learning technologies.

1. Oh Noah!

Grade Range: K-3

What is it? Comforting character makes second-language mistakes no big deal

Pros: Videos are very short but still pack in lots of vocabulary and funny story lines.

Cons: Some games take a while to load, and some of the timed games move quite rapidly for young kids.

Bottom Line: Oh Noah! provides a solid start in Spanish while building self-confidence and relaxing kids through humor.


2. Mango Languages

Grade Range: K-12

What is it? Conversational instruction outshines many other language programs

Pros: The language instruction goes above and beyond basic vocabulary memorization; kids get realistic usage help.

Cons: The conversation-based program could benefit from more writing activities.

Bottom Line: Language instruction is presented in a digestible, yet thorough way, and kids are exposed to culture tips and other effective extras.

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