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Waste less ink and paper in photography classes with the right equipment

Bernard Meyers, director of the photography program at the Waterford School in Salt Lake City, estimates his classes have reduced ink and paper usage by 30 percent to 40 percent

ink-paperHigh school students studying photography need to learn both the art and the craft. The art comes from within—the eye for capturing a visually exciting image.

The craft comes from adeptly using the tools of photography to adjust the exposure, color, contrast, and cropping. We can now reach the proper skin tones, saturation and expression that each image deserves.

The Waterford School, an 885-student private school in Salt Lake City, Utah, provides a liberal arts, college preparatory education for students in preschool through grade 12. Each eighth-grader is required to take at least one term of digital photography, while high school students must commit to a two-year sequence in the visual or performing arts, with photography as one option. Classes go all the way up to the Advanced Placement level for grades eleven and twelve.

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