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After the show’s cancellation, Burton acquired the Reading Rainbow license, and with his business partner repackaged the popular television show under a new name, RRKidz.

In 2012, a new Reading Rainbow app was launched for children to access digital stories. Donations to Burton’s Kickstarter campaign will allow RRKidz to expand its digital content and mobile app to not only on kids at home, but to children in the classroom as well.

“We’re creating an unlimited library of books and video field trips for today’s digitally connected kids,” says Burton, who insists that the Reading Rainbow app will be free for classrooms.

Burton states that the money will go towards three areas:

  • Develop a web-enabled reading for the home.
  • Create a classroom version with tools our teachers need.
  • Subsidize cost for disadvantaged schools to use Reading Rainbow for free.

Expectations are high that this project will deliver on its proposed goals. Watch Burton’s emotional reaction after raising $1 million within the first 24 hours.

What impact do you think this Kickstarter campaign will have for a new generation of children? Share your thoughts in the comments section below and by joining the conversation on Twitter @Michael_eSM.

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