MONTREAL, Quebec—June 5, 2014—Great stories begin with great ideas! Children of all ages can unleash their creativity and express themselves with StoryBoom (, an easy-to-use storytelling software developed by two-time Emmy® Award recipient, Toon Boom Animation Inc.

Spark your imagination with StoryBoom! You can express your stories with sketches, images and words. You can create your own storyline for fun or school. Then it’s story time! Digital stories can be shared with family and friends in a click.

Feature Highlights

• Sketch.
Use the drawing tools to sketch ideas and unleash your creativity.

• Write.
Put ideas in writing to make your story unfold.

• Illustrate.
Discover the library of Toon Boom artwork.

• Narrate.
Record your voice to tell your story.

• Share.
Show your creations to family and friends through social media.

StoryBoom in the Classroom (
Tap into digital media to teach a new generation of students. StoryBoom can be used by educators to teach Common Core subjects such as Language, Science, Mathematics, Art, History, and Geography.
Engage student learning through storyboarding and develop their imagination, critical thinking, creative expression, literacy and teamwork, while enjoying learning.

Get StoryBoom for only $59 US. Lab packs and site licenses are available for schools. StoryBoom is available for Mac and PC, in English and French. StoryBoom for iOS and Android will be released very shortly.

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About Toon Boom Animation Inc.
Toon Boom Animation Inc. (, a Corus® Entertainment Inc. company and a 2012 and 2005 Primetime Emmy Engineering Award recipient, is the worldwide leader in digital content and animation creation software, delivering products and services online to its global community. Toon Boom carries user-friendly applications for all, catering to children, home users, creative professionals as well as students, educators and schools. Toon Boom is fully dedicated to education and goes far beyond just developing technology and curriculums that enhance the classroom experience. Toon Boom is an influential advocate of bringing industry and education together, while partnering with value-added partners to help students achieve their goals.

At the high-end studio level, Toon Boom offers a wide product range from powerful pre-production tools to leading-edge animation production solutions. Relying on its extensive expertise in animation production, Toon Boom provides consulting services in the fields of optimization, pipeline integration, production assistance and custom development.

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Andrea Jones

Andrea Jones is a technology specialist in Virginia. A former French teacher, she currently supports technology integration in a middle school.