While teachers look to find new ways to make the classroom more interactive, some might look to Netflix, a video-streaming site

Netflix-classroom-educationImagine yourself back in a high school classroom and the teacher is getting ready to discuss how the next 40 minutes will play out.

It’s your last class of the day and all you want to do is finish so you can catch the bus home and forget about what you learned.

Now imagine yourself as a high school teacher getting ready to teach a group of students. It’s the last class of the day and you already know every student is just counting down the minutes until the bell rings. How do you construct your lesson plan so students will become intrigued and want to learn?

Enter Netflix.

While the big video-streaming site technically does not allow  its content to be used in a commercial setting, using its content in a classroom might be a solution for teachers trying to get students to participate in class.

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