4. Program series that target specific niche topics

It doesn’t matter if you were in high school in the 70s, 80s or are currently enrolled; everyone remembers watching documentaries. Whether you’re learning about prohibition or the pyramids, streaming videos enhance the experience of actually seeing the process and how life functioned.

While students may have an imagination, seeing what the teacher is talking about helps even more. Take for instance the nature series that National Geographic has continued to put out or even the PBS series on music and arts? With technological advancements in online video using, schools can also join in on the fun that others get to have for leisure.

5. Save money

Of all the reasons to jump on the Netflix bandwagon, saving money might be the most important. At a point where funds for schools are already limited, using Netflix in the classroom can allow for grants to be used towards other necessities.

Instead of paying for physical copies of a film, it is more financially sound to subscribe to a $7.99 account that includes unlimited material. Teachers would be able to stream movies without having to take away funds from other departments. To the person making the school budgets, rest assured if more teachers use video streaming sites in their classrooms there will be more funds to go around.

Gaby Arancibia is an editorial intern at eSchool News. 

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