How PD can benefit from international models

Other countries’ professional development practices could inform U.S. practices

PD-USWhile the December 2013 release of the international PISA results prompted U.S. education leaders and policy makers to urge for improvements in teaching and learning, of notable interest was the fact that teachers in other top-performing countries such as China spend more time in professional development (PD) than they do in front of their students–the reverse of how the U.S. does PD, experts said.

So, what can the U.S. learn from other countries?

One potential step is to look at what other countries do and determine if those practices are scalable in the U.S., said Leslie W. Grant, a visiting assistant professor in curriculum and instruction and educational leadership areas at The College of William and Mary and an ASCD faculty member. Grant recently co-authored West Meets East: Best Practices From Expert Teachers In The U.S. And China, which examines instructional practices’ potential to spread and impact education internationally.

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Laura Ascione

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