Alexandria, VA (6/11/2014)—ASCD, a global community dedicated to excellence in learning, teaching, and leading, is pleased to announce the new Core Six DVD, featuring best-selling ASCD author Harvey Silver. The new video explores six research-based, classroom-proven strategies that help prepare students for college and future careers while meeting the goals of the Common Core State Standards.

The video features scenes from six classrooms where teachers use the Core Six methods to capture students’ interests and develop students’ critical-thinking skills. Useful in all K–12 content areas, these strategies will help improve students’ abilities in

Reading and understanding rigorous texts
Conducting comparative analyses
Finding important patterns and supporting thinking with evidence
Mastering academic vocabulary and integrating it in speech and writing
Contributing to meaningful discussions about content
Using writing to advance learning and clarify thinking

“How you teach has a dramatic impact not only on what students learn, but also [on] how they learn to think,” said Silver. “The DVD gives us an opportunity to show teachers across all grade levels and content areas how to get students to own their learning and think at a higher level.” As curriculum design expert Heidi Hayes Jacobs explains, “With the Core Six under their belts, students will be better equipped to tackle the challenges of the future.”

Silver’s professional development work is based on his commitment to “make students as important as standards.” Named one of the 100 most influential teachers in the country, Silver has conducted numerous workshops for school districts and state education departments on effective teaching.

“As educators look to implement the Common Core State Standards in their classrooms, they will benefit from the innovative methods demonstrated in ASCD’s Core Six DVD,” said ASCD’s Acting Executive Director Judy Seltz. “The DVD is an excellent resource for educators who want their students to become independent learners.”

The DVD is part of ASCD’s Core Six suite for blending learning, which includes a PD Online® course and the PD In Focus® channel on the Common Core. These offerings were based on Silver’s best-selling ASCD book, The Core Six: Essential Strategies for Achieving Excellence with the Common Core, coauthored by R. Thomas Dewing and Matthew J. Perini. The book presents the six strategies, along with a checklist for implementing each strategy in the classroom and sample lessons that illustrate the strategies in action.

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