Hero by PlascoTrac helps Horry County Schools with the process of tracking incidents and writing referrals with a direct integration into PowerSchool

6/3/2014—Miami, FL—PlascoTrac announced today that its new cloud-based incident management solution, Hero, has been selected by Horry County Schools in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina to help streamline the tedious process of creating, approving, and reporting incidents within its schools. By using Hero right inside of its state-administered student information system, PowerSchool, Horry schools will now be able to eliminate the hours of work that goes into handwriting and delivering paper-based referrals, and manually entering data into the Incident Manager module of PowerSchool.

Prior to the implementation of Hero, only the administrators at Horry schools were able to log incidents. Teachers and other non-administrators, who typically witness the majority of incidents as they occur in the classrooms and hallways, would write up and deliver a paper-based referral to an administrator. The administrator would then review the referral, issue out any consequences to the student(s) involved, and determine if the incident needed to be reported to the state. Then, either the administrator or a data entry clerk would enter the referrals into PowerSchool’s Incident Manager.

Now with the Hero solution in place, any user (including teachers) has the ability to log an incident into Hero when it occurs. Hero then sends the incident to an administrator for review. Administrators can decide whether the incident should follow a minor incident or major incident workflow. Schools manage minor incidents internally, while major incidents follow a more detailed workflow and are ultimately submitted into PowerSchool for state reporting.

“We spoke to teachers who were hand writing referrals to deliver to the front office. Admins and staff were spending over 40 hours a week entering referrals. Over-extended assistant principals who, in addition to everything else on their plate, also had to manually enter the referrals into the Incident Manager module. The process was not optimized to say the least,” said Robert Alonso, Director of Product Development for PlascoTrac. “With Hero, we made things simpler for everyone. When major incidents occur on campus, they have to be reported to the state. But now that process takes minutes instead of hours.”

Horry County is the first major district to utilize this new Hero functionality. Following this successful project, Hero is now available to all PowerSchool schools.

“We’re extremely proud to offer schools this very important integration; Hero is the only solution on the market that automates this time-consuming process and sends data back to PowerSchool,” said Mark MacDonald, Vice President of PlascoTrac. “Our goal is to help everyone from the administrators to the teachers reduce the time it takes to track and report disruptive behavior happening on their campus, so they can focus on what’s really important—providing a safe and positive learning environment for the students.”

About PlascoTrac: At PlascoTrac, we believe we are a positive influence on every student, every day. We work with schools & districts in nearly all 50 states and have 9 regional offices including our headquarters in sunny Miami, Florida. Our three-pillar approach includes campus-wide solutions in student incident management, visitor & security management, and student ID badging. Hero, a new, cloud-based student incident management system, is the first product introduced by PlascoTrac. To learn more about Hero, visit http://heropowered.com or call (800) 396-1615.

About the Author:

Andrea Jones

Andrea Jones is a technology specialist in Virginia. A former French teacher, she currently supports technology integration in a middle school.