Alexandria, VA (6/10/2014)—ASCD, a global community dedicated to excellence in learning, teaching, and leading, announced today the release of two new ASCD Arias™ professional development titles that address students’ emotional health in the classroom. When faced with students who are frustrated or stressed from problems at home or in school, educators can find support in implementing strategies to create a stimulating, positive, and supportive learning environment for their students.

“Educators play an important role in responding to students’ emotions and creating learning environments that support the whole child,” said ASCD’s Acting Executive Director Judy Seltz. “With these new, short-format publications, educators will better understand how to react to negative emotions and create an environment where students feel supported and motivated to succeed.”

New ASCD Arias publications
An ASCD Arias publication is about 50 pages long and answers a crucial and timely “How do I . . . ?” question. These titles are available in print and e-book formats and contain original, stand-alone content that can be read in one sitting and immediately applied to practice. These convenient and succinct publications offer the expertise of education thought leaders, experienced practitioners, and researchers.

Handling Student Frustrations: How do I help students manage emotions in the classroom? Educators Renate Caine and Carol McClintic explain how teachers can respond to students’ frustrations and create a peaceful, respectful, and productive learning environment using the three-step Acknowledge/Process/Act (APA) method. With this approach, teachers can help students to accept their situation, clarify what is taking place and develop a plan for dealing with it, and reliably follow through with the action plan. ($12.99 print or $6.99 e-book)

Encouragement in the Classroom: How do I help students stay positive and focused? Teacher and therapeutic coach Joan Young offers practical classroom-tested strategies, routines, and rituals for creating a supportive and positive classroom environment that can help buffer student difficulties dealing with stress, lack of motivation, trauma, loss, and problems at home. ($12.99 print or $6.99 e-book)

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