The learning benefits of interactive web conferencing

Interactive Web Conferencing

The key to using web conferencing tools such as UberConference as a teaching and learning mode is to make it interactive. IT does not benefit anyone if there is one person that is doing all of the speaking at a web conference. If this occurs, it is no different than having a lecturer stand in front of a large group of people. There will still be many people that do not pay attention to the web conference that is nothing more than a lecture.

When the web conference becomes interactive, it becomes a valuable learning tool for everyone involved. Thanks to web conference services such as Uberconference it is easy too. The service allows everyone who is signed in to interact with the person that is holding the conference or with others that are attending.

It is important that the person who is in charge has control over these interactions to make sure that the meeting stays on point and the service can help with that. This tool will allow people around the world to gather for a learning experience and allows them to learn from each other in addition to the person holding the conference.


There are many different ways that people can learn from this experience.

• Greater accessibility – More people can attend a web conference because distance is not an issue. As long as they have a computer and an internet connection they can participate.

• Increased interaction – The people who are attending the web conference can interact with the person that is holding it. They can ask questions to make sure they understand what is being said. They can also interact with the other people at the conference. This leads to a better understanding by all of those that participate.

• Increases active learning – When you interact with other people you become more involved in what is being taught. It is easier to remember what is being taught and how to apply the lessons that are learned in this setting.

• Increases learning opportunity – A lecturer that does not interact will teach what they know. When the interactive web conferencing tool is used, the amount of things that can be taught and learned will grow. The variety of the people involved in the lecture will bring different viewpoints to the lesson and will increase what can be taught.

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