App of the Week: Explore your heart and lungs

Learn cool facts about the heart and lungs with this in-depth app.

app-heartName: Heart and Lungs Lab

What is it? Do you know why your body needs oxygen? Do you know why your heart beats faster when you exercise? Heart and Lungs Lab answers these questions and unravels other mysteries of your body in a fun, interactive way. It is a new entry in the isygames series of apps about the human body, which also includes D. Bones and The Amazing Digestive Journey.

Best for: Children ages 9-11

Price: $2.99

Requirements: iOS 6 or later

Features: Heart and Lungs embraces different levels of complexity so that it can be enjoyed by users of all ages. Kids as young as 5 can play at starting up the heart’s “pump,” while students aged up to 14 can use the “Remember” and “Did you know?” tabs to develop a better understanding of the cardiovascular and respiratory systems, or try their hand at practice questions when preparing for a real-life test.

The app’s six labs let users experiment with the structure and functioning of the human body’s cardiovascular and respiratory systems:

  • Find out what blood looks like under a microscope.
  • The circulation of the blood is both dual and continuous.
  • Find out how air moves in and out of your lungs.
  • The pulmonary alveoli: gas exchange.
  • What do cells do with the air we breathe?
  • The heart: the body’s engine.

Link: iTunes

Laura Ascione

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