Skipping summer slump: Igniting a passion for learning

Many of our students have eagerly taken the supplementary material we’ve given them for the summer and pronounced they can’t wait to get started.

summerresizedAs educators, we all look forward to summer vacation with elation and a bit of concern. We’re happy, of course, to have a few months off to enjoy the season, but also worry that many of the strides our students make throughout the school year could be lost during the warm summer months.

However, this year, for the first time, we’re not worried about the “Summer Slump.”

In fact, we have students running up to us in the halls, thrilled and proud to let us know they plan to spend their summer in the local library doing school work. Yes, school work.

A major factor in our students’ new-found enthusiasm for learning has been due to two new intervention programs we started using last school year – Academy of READING® and Academy of MATH® from EPS Literacy and Intervention.

When we first implemented these new programs toward the end of the previous school year for grades 3-5, the students weren’t eager about them at all. Some were unenthusiastic about reading or weren’t reading on grade level. The challenge became how to make it fun, so we turned it into a competition and created the Academy Lab, where students come to learn and more importantly, to master (and in many cases, surpass) their reading and math challenges.

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