3.  Create how-to videos

In need of changing up assessments? One way for teachers to revamp project ideas might be to have students create how to videos.

Students would become the teacher and demonstrate their mastery of a lesson to others in the class by talking through each step. Take General Electric’s 2013 science fair hosted on Vine, by meshing Vine with science, students can become even more intrigued without losing interest.


4.  Reviews

Teachers can incorporate Vine simply by having students interpret lessons from history class and create their own examples that would relate to class discussions.

Not convinced? Take a look at this account. Students are recreating moments in history and adapting the traditional lesson plan to a more interactive setting. Still not sold? What about that time in fourth grade when you had to do a project on a historical figure? With six seconds students would have to pick the most essential fact and discuss why this particular person is crucial.