Neuroscience innovator leading the way in “attention adaptivity” with new EEG device

Atlanta, GA (June 26, 2014) — Nervanix, a leading innovator in bringing practical applications of neuroscience to learning, announces the release of Nervanix Clarity. The new application monitors student attention levels as they study and guides them to revisit concepts or content areas where they lost focus.

Using a simple and safe EEG headset, Nervanix Clarity measures the attention levels of learners as they study and paces along with them as they navigate a page, watch a video, listen to a recording or interact with a digital manipulative. The device uses Bluetooth technology to stream the attention data it records to the Nervanix Clarity application. Students can then use this information to adapt their study habits in order to effectively focus on material and improve their study sessions.

Teachers and parents can also gain instant access to students’ progress without having to wait for test scores and report cards to discover that a student was not engaged with the lessons and curriculum.

Founded by Adam L. Hall, a well-respected business leader and educational technology entrepreneur, Nervanix seeks to build “attention adaptive” applications to aid the education industry as it shifts from the traditional “one model serves all” approach to one that better serves each learner’s individual needs. The company currently has a patent pending for this new category of learning and instruction, which they have aptly named “Attention Adaptivity.”

“Nervanix Clarity is the first in a long line of innovative solutions we’ve designed to apply the exciting advances in neuro-technology to instruction and learning,” said Hall. “This application will offer students a profoundly better study experience, allowing them to be more efficient and more effective with their time and energy – while at the same time offering teachers, administrators and parents better insight into the minds of their students.

Anyone interested in learning more about Nervanix Clarity may see a demonstration during the ISTE 2014 Conference in Atlanta, GA – June 28 to July 1.

About Nervanix
Nervanix is an exciting new company in the educational technology sector that applies recent groundbreaking advances in the field of neuroscience to instructional and learning models with the intent of improving the efficiency and effectiveness of instruction through optimized student engagement. To learn more about Nervanix, visit

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