New York – June 26, 2014 – Faced with rigorous academic standards and an influx of technology in the classroom, teachers are seeking more efficient, innovative and flexible ways to access and create course materials for their students. To help teachers make the most of their time — inside and outside the classroom — Net Texts today announces the release of a new Chrome extension. Click to Tweet!

The Chrome extension for Net Texts allows teachers to download ready-made, standards-aligned courses and units to their Chromebooks — or to any computer, tablet or mobile device — and then use them without further Wi-Fi access.

“I use Net Texts almost daily with my students. It’s replaced most of my textbooks,” said Michelle Comen, a teacher at Orange Grove Elementary School in Charleston, S.C. “It enables me to address any and all learning styles with diverse resources. It allows me to differentiate my instruction and assign content to students based on their learning levels. It’s also easy to find resources online since new items are being added every day. Even if your computer crashes, you can still access your courses and resources because they’re stored on Net Texts.”

This new functionality expands on the capabilities of the Chrome app for Net Texts, which was released in May. With the Chrome app, teachers can easily view, download and search for ready-to-use courses, created using high quality open educational resources (OER). Within each course, teachers can also choose to view the course details, or download units or individual items within a unit. These courses can act as a complete textbook replacement or as a framework that teachers can supplement with their own curriculum materials.

The Chrome extension and the Chrome app are available for free at:

Net Texts is a free, web-based system that provides teachers access to a vast library of high quality OER content, which they can then combine with their own resources to create and publish lessons directly to students’ iPads, Android tablets, or computers. More than just a content management system, Net Texts is a powerful teaching and learning tool that helps schools maximize their investments in tablets and 1:1 computing initiatives, while improving teaching and learning.

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About the Author:

Andrea Jones

Andrea Jones is a technology specialist in Virginia. A former French teacher, she currently supports technology integration in a middle school.