How Storify can be a new platform for students

For teachers looking to spice up a lesson plan, look no further than Storify, a new up-and-comer

Storify-educationWith new innovations coming out of the woodwork, students now have new tools to further their education.

With sites such as Twitter, Instagram, and even Vine, teachers and students are able to come together on common ground and mold the ever-growing world of social media to a more educational setting.

Why not provide students with an assignment that allows them to be creative while still touching base on the importance of writing and comprehension? Not sure what website to use? Here’s a suggestion: Why not use Storify?

Launched to the public in 2011, this toddler site lives to help users make sense of the fascinating and sometimes odd content they come across. Students can pull tweets, videos, pictures and more into their story.

At a time when schools are facing tight budgets, Storify has the added benefit of being free. Didn’t quite catch that? Well, you read right, this new tool is completely free to users–no trial periods or promotions.

If you still aren’t sure you want to use this new tool in your classroom, read on to learn more about how Storify could turn things around for you.

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