How Storify can be a new platform for students

1.  Creativity

Even if you don’t grade creativity high on class assignments or projects, this tool can help your students grow and find new ways to present their stance on a topic. With Storify students can pull tweets from news organizations or many other sources that allow them to depict their views on the assigned topic.

Let’s say you’re a high school teacher and you want to make a memorable and fun lesson plan for graduating seniors. You already know most, if not all, students checked out weeks before. So how do you get their attention?

Surprise quiz! No? Okay.

How about assigning each student a topic on what their most memorable moment was this year?

Take for example this story on “What counts as ‘alien’?” This might be an assignment from a college professor, but that’s not to say a high school teacher couldn’t adapt this to his or her classroom setting.

Being creative isn’t just about making things look “pretty,” but rather students finding their own way to interpret a concept. Encouraging students to be more creative helps them with being open to other ideas that might just help them to build and reconstruct their own conceptual knowledge.

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2.  Generating well-rounded stories

Because Storify is based on the premise of users creating actual stories, teachers can use this tool to help students learn how to create a well thought out topic. This assignment would allow the student to grow comprehension skills which would effectively help in future assignments.

Ideally students would have to outline their assignment and pinpoint specific sections they feel would strengthen their argument or point of view. This tool requires students to acquire a new skill in gathering information from social media.

At a time when everyone reports the latest news on Twitter, through Storify students would be able to grasp the concept of the story and redeliver it to students in a way that everyone can fully understand the assignment.

Take for instance the World Cup. For one solid month every four years it seems everyone is a soccer fan or for others, fútbol fans. Students could take this event and produce a quick piece on the background of the country in the event or even create more of a timeline.

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