The viewfinder’s LCD screen is extremely bright and has a wide viewing angle, allowing it to be used even in direct sunlight. The camera also includes a fold-up sun shade, making it perfect for outdoor use—and the sun shade also acts as a privacy shield. The built-in talkback allows the camera operator and crew to communicate at all times during production.

The Blackmagic Studio Camera HD costs $1,995, and the Blackmagic Studio Camera 4K (the Ultra HD version) costs $2,995.

RapidRun Optical simplifies AV cabling

RapidRun, from C2G, is a modular AV cabling system that consists of a runner cable and a choice of connectors. It’s designed to evolve with your AV components, so that when your equipment changes, you don’t have to rerun the cabling—all you have to do is snap on different connectors.

At InfoComm 2014, C2G introduced the latest version of its RapidRun line, RapidRun Optical. It’s the fastest and strongest RapidRun product yet, the company says—capable of transmitting high-definition digital AV signals up to 1,000 feet.

RapidRun Optical features 18Gbps of bandwidth, a diameter of just a half inch, and OFNP (plenum) rating—offering sufficient bandwidth to serve the AV needs of schools for years to come. Its fiber-based construction prevents electromagnetic and radio frequency interference, allowing it to be used in sensitive environments as well.

RapidRun Optical is available for pre-ordering now and is expected to ship July 18th, C2G said.

LG Chromebase combines a Chrome computer and an HD display

LG’s new Chromebase is a 21-inch, high-definition display that functions as a Chrome-based computer. It also can serve as a stand-alone HD monitor, thanks to an HDMI port on the back of the system. At $349, it offers a good value for Google Apps-based schools looking to deploy computers in labs or on teachers’ desktops.

The Chromebase features 2GB of RAM, 16GB of Flash storage, and a keyboard, mouse, and webcam. Its 21-inch screen is much bigger than that of Chromebooks, and it offers both Ethernet and Wi-Fi connectivity.

LynTec offers simple power control of AV and lighting systems

LynTec’s Remote Power Control Panels allow schools to manage, monitor, and protect their AV and lighting systems right at the power source, the company says—eliminating unnecessary power draw and protecting against power surges.

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