Today’s intelligent lighting and AV systems often remain powered even after being turned off, LynTec says—and its products can help schools eliminate this “phantom” power use.

The company offers systems for adding circuit control to an existing breaker panel, as well as controlling circuits for any panel through a browser-based interface. LynTec also offers a mobile power cart solution that enables schools to control power in mobile, remote, or temporary audio and lighting set-ups.

Stream high-definition video wirelessly to a projector

Peerless-AV demonstrated a Wireless Short Throw Projector AV System, for streaming HD video to a projector when cabling is inconvenient.

The system includes a projector mount with a built-in wireless receiver and a 50-watt audio amplifier. It streams sound and full HD 1080p content wirelessly up to 131 feet from as many as five AV input devices, eliminating the expense and inconvenience of being tethered to hard-wired connections and enabling users to switch AV sources without plugging and unplugging equipment, the company says.

Peerless-AV also showcased its series of full-service wall mounts for flat-panel video displays, which feature a quick-release mechanism for popping out the screen—giving school staff easy access to the controls on the back of the display. The mounts include eight-way adjustable positioning and can accommodate a wide range of display sizes.

Revolabs wireless mics allow for high density with no signal interference

Revolabs Executive Elite four- and eight-channel wireless microphone systems are built to allow for a high number of microphones to be used at the same time in close proximity, without any signal interference.

Revolabs’ technology enables receivers in close proximity to synchronize automatically, allowing schools to deploy multiple receivers to optimize the number of available audio channels. By adjusting the audio settings, schools and other users can introduce as many as 44 microphones in a single area, the company says.

The Executive Elite line includes a choice of omni-directional, directional, gooseneck, and wearable microphones, all of which are rechargeable.

Ricoh ultra short-throw projector features a unique design

AVRicoh’s PJ WX4141N ultra short-throw projector features a unique design that gives schools a lot of flexibility in how they deploy it. The device has a footprint of only 10 inches by 4 inches, and its lens is angled so the projector can either stand straight up on a desk or table for portable use, or be mounted to a wall hanging upside down for a permanent installation.

The projector can cast an 80-inch image from less than 10 inches away from the wall. It features WXGA resolution, wireless networking capabilities, and doesn’t need calibration, Ricoh says. And it weighs less than seven pounds, so it’s easy to carry from room to room.

Dennis Pierce

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