Ricoh also sells an interactive version with the same form factor (the PJ WX4141Ni). The interactive version retails for about $2,000, while the non-interactive model sells for less.

SMART kapp ‘disrupts’ the traditional dry-erase board

SMART Technologies has introduced a creative replacement for the dry-erase board. Called SMART kapp, it’s like a standard dry-erase board, on which users can write, draw, diagram, and brainstorm using an ink marker—but everything they write appears simultaneously on others’ digital devices and can be saved as a PDF or JPEG file.

“It’s time to disrupt the dry-erase board and bring it into the 21st century,” said Neil Graydon, CEO of SMART Technologies, as he demonstrated the new technology.

The product will ship this fall for $899. It consists of a 42-inch glass surface that hangs on a wall and plugs in, accompanied by an app installed on users’ devices. As a presenter is writing on the board, he or she is “writing to the cloud,” Graydon said, and anyone with a web browser can follow along in real time.

Available as a free download for iOS and Android users (with Windows mobile support coming soon), the SMART kapp app enables users to link their tablets or smart phones to a SMART kapp board with a scan of its unique QR code or a tap of its NFC tag. The app activates live web sharing, along with access to the snapshot library, PDF and JPEG saving and sharing, and Evernote—but the downside for schools is that only five users at a time are supported with the free app.

Later this year, SMART will launch subscription services within the app that open up advanced features for cloud collaboration. These will include live web sharing with PIN protection, a larger number of concurrent web viewers, and advanced search and index tools to get even more out of SMART kapp snapshots, the company said.

Visionary Solutions makes it easy to stream video across an IP network

Visionary Solutions showed a new product called PackeTV, a modular, end-to-end IP video and asset management system that enables secure, scheduled, and on-demand delivery of live and recorded video across an IP network.

With PackeTV, schools can easily and cost-effectively deliver HD or standard-definition video content to TVs, set-top boxes, computers, tablets, smart phones, and other IP-connected devices across a local or wide-area network, a Wi-Fi or cellular network, or the public internet, the company says. The open-standard system is compatible with a wide range of encoders, decoders, and other equipment, and its modular design allows schools to upgrade as their budget allows.

The full system includes PackeTV Portal, a web-based interface that controls the system, enabling users to create, manage, and schedule video assets for distribution across a network; PackeTV Player, a browser-based HD video player; and PackeTV Player Mobile, an integrated player for iPhones, iPads, and Android devices.

Separate modules also are available for the scheduled recording and archiving of video; searching, managing, and playback of archived video files; and more.

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