– New Certification Focuses on Professional Development for Teacher Leaders and Trainers –

ATLANTA, GA (June 29, 2014) – Today at ISTE 2014, Leading Edge Certification (LEC) – a national provider of certification programs in education technology – announced the launch of its fourth certification: Professional Learning Leader. LEC’s Professional Learning Leader (PLL) cuts across all curricular areas to reach a broader audience of those who provide professional development and training to educators. Embedded within the PLL certification is the theory of adult learning, developing vision and training style.

“We always knew we wanted to reach those who provide professional development,” said Mike Lawrence, founder of Leading Edge Certification, and Executive Director of CUE – a nonprofit dedicated to professional development and the ISTE Affiliate for California and Nevada. “Professional Learning Leader Certification is in many ways the culmination of LEC’s work at the intersection of pedagogy and technology, and is a natural progression of our offerings. We are thrilled to welcome Professional Learning Leader to the ranks of LEC Certifications, including Online & Blended Teacher, Administrator and Digital Educator.”

Leading Edge Certification for the Professional Learning Leader will be available later this Summer, and is a 6-8 week course that is delivered through a combination of face-to-face and online trainings. Like all LEC programs, the curriculum for Professional Learning Leader is creative commons licensed. A portfolio is required for Professional Learning Leader Certification and modules include Professional Learning Environments, Developing Community, and Digital Literacy and Citizenship. Professional Learning Leader Certification is being offered by both Leading Edge Core and Stakeholder Alliance members across the US.

To find out more about Leading Edge Certification, or to inquire about becoming an Alliance member of Leading Edge Certification, visit www.leadingedgecertification.org.


About Leading Edge Certification

Leading Edge Certification (LEC) is a national certification program in educational technology and curriculum innovation. Created by an Alliance of nonprofits, universities and educational agencies, LEC is the first national certification program of its kind, and is platform and vendor neutral. LEC for the Online and Blended Teacher, LEC for the Administrator and LEC for the Digital Educator are currently available. Visit www.leadingedgecertification.org to find out more.

Leading Edge Alliance Members, Professional Learning Leader

Core Alliance Members: CUE, Los Angeles County Office of Education, Orange County Department of Education, Santa Clara County Office of Education, Technology Information Center for Administrative Leadership (TICAL)

Stakeholder Alliance Members: Alameda County Office of Education, Contra Costa County Office of Education, San Diego County Office of Education, WEMTA

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