Schye, LLC Releases Apps for Tracking Student Performance

Anna, Ohio / June 23, 2014 – Schye, LLC announced today that it has published 2 apps to help teachers track student performance in the classroom. Pupil Performance Portfolio, is now available in 2 versions in the App Store. P³ Core is a highly innovative, web-based app and database which can be used for tracking student performance on the Common Core Standards. P³ Flex is a version which allows teachers to track beyond the Common Core and track anything!

Both P³ versions offer many outstanding features. P³ Core allows teachers to track progress on any Common Core math or language arts standard by assigning a simple red, yellow, green “grade”. These grades are tracked week-by-week throughout the entire school year. Data collected for individual students and for entire classes can be displayed using a variety of graphs. Class data can be filtered so teachers can quickly and easily identify small groups for intervention with struggling students or identifying students ready for more advanced work. P³ Flex uses the same tracking and reporting/graphing features, but can be completely personalized to track anything.

In addition, both versions of P³ can be used to create digital portfolios for students. Both apps allow teachers to post comments regarding student progress. Users can also access the device camera to take work sample photos as further documentation for a student’s portfolio.

About Schye, LLC
Schye, LLC consists of two 4th grade teachers. These two teachers had been using a more traditional, paper and pencil system of tracking student progress. They envisioned a method of tracking which would be more efficient and lead to more effective instruction. Pupil Performance Portfolio aims to do just that.

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