Amazon’s Kindle “book” “French via English” now includes many new French words from the May publication “Dictionnaire du nouveau français” by Isnards (978-2-37-073008-4).

“French via English” aids French vocabulary development. It lists 2800 words that are spelled identically in French and English. These are grouped in 27 sections such as Media, Chic, Family, Local, National, International, Travel, Music, Military, Science, Internet, Sport, Language, Police, etc. – the sections include 3400 words, for instance because Le terminal is in both the Travel and Internet sections.

Similarly, “German via English” and “Spanish via English” aid vocabulary expansion. Genders are stated with all words.

The words are grouped to minimise “faux amis”. For instance in French Le match is only in the Sport section! And in German, Die Mine is only in the Military section as it does not translate as a hole in the ground!

Publication by Kindle allows immediate downloading to student PCs, tablets, Kindles etc. – and controlled lending for instance by teachers and lecturers.

Kindle sells these books across the world, targeting both native English speakers and those with English as their second language – there are now Kindle versions with titles in over 30 languages with their appropriate-language internet-search words.

For instance, the Japanese titles serve a country where students first learn English (over 4000 young English-speaking assistants teach for a year in their schools through the Japanese government’s JET scheme). Far fewer students then learn another European language. Suddenly students realise they can learn French, Spanish and German words quickly!

Non-English-speaking students learn English quickly with “Inglés via español”, “Anglais par français”, and “ Englisch durch Deutsch”.

And “Francés via inglés”, “Alemán via inglés”, “Anglais par français”, “Allemand par anglais”, “Espagnol par anglais”, “Französich durch Englisch”, and “Spanisch durch Englisch” aid Spanish, French, and German speakers develop each others’ vocabulary.
Sample pages of all the “books” can be viewed on line in Kindle. For “French via English” just click on

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