Youngstown, OH – eInstruction by Turning Technologies, the leading partner for learning engagement and assessment services, announced the ongoing development and forthcoming release of ExamView Cloud for early 2015. The new release is a cloud-based platform for assessment authoring, management and delivery. ExamView Assessment Suite desktop version is currently the number one assessment software in the world, bundled with over 10,000 textbooks from over 65 leading publishers. The desktop version and new ExamView Cloud combine for a powerful assessment suite with the ability to create, manage and assess whether online or offline.

ExamView Cloud is an intuitive, easy-to-use cloud-based platform that connects to and is compatible with ExamView Assessment Suite desktop software. In addition to traditional questions, ExamView Cloud will support technology enhanced items, multi-part questions and is QTI compliant. Content can be separated at teacher and district levels in every subject for all K-12 grades with robust metadata tagging that enhances search functionality of content. Premium content and state test publisher banks are available in addition to compatibility with legacy ExamView content.

The platform offers seamless integration with ExamView delivery options (paper, computer-based and clickers), Learning Management Systems, assessment platforms and publisher portals. Most notably, ExamView Cloud will offer role and rights-based management to support varying permission levels for teacher, administrator and district management of content and collected data. Other key features vital to districts include various roster management options and aggregated reporting on individual, class, building and district levels.

Key to the ExamView product suite is the Learning Series content, which will remain compatible with both the desktop ExamView Assessment Suite and online ExamView Cloud. The Learning Series questions can be used online or offline to produce study guides, worksheets and formative assessments which help educators review, re-teach, reinforce and supplement standards-based instruction. Its collection of over 15,000 unique, high-quality assessment questions organized by subject offer one-to-one alignments to State’s Standards and Core Curriculum topics, Common Core State Standards and Next Generation Science Standards to help prepare students for future assessments.

“Our products are designed as a complete educational solution to facilitate the entire learning process, guiding instructors through creation and delivery of assessments to in-depth reporting and analysis,” said Turning Technologies’ CEO Mike Broderick. “The launch of ExamView Cloud is a first step into a comprehensive cloud platform we are developing to address a market need to shift our assessment software online. ExamView Cloud can be used district-wide with permission-based roles, expanding its capabilities beyond just teacher deployment. As the industry leader, we remain committed to ongoing development of products that are innovative, reliable and relevant in order to fit our strategic vision.”

Beta sites for select users will be available for fall 2014. ExamView Cloud is scheduled to launch in Q1 2015.

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About Turning Technologies:
Turning Technologies creates leading instructional, assessment delivery and data collection solutions for learning environments. Founded in 2002, the company began with the development of response technology that was affordable, user-friendly and better documented so that users could easily grasp its benefits. Today, over 15 million response devices have been delivered to K-12 schools, universities and businesses worldwide. As the recognized leading provider of assessment delivery and data collection systems, Turning acquired eInstruction in 2013 to expand both its market share and product offerings across all industry segments. eInstruction is a proud pioneer in education technology with more than 30 years of experience and a diversified solution set that includes innovative classroom instruction systems, interactive whiteboards, research-based software and professional development that facilitate significantly higher levels of collaboration, engagement and achievement across all stages of the learning process. Adding to its robust product portfolio, Turning also now offers the Triton Data Collection System, a technology-enabled testing solution that combines the front end ease of paper testing with the efficiencies of computer-based testing, rock solid reliability and security for various assessment and certification environments. Based in Youngstown, OH, information on Turning Technologies can be found at Follow @TurningTech.

About the Author:

Andrea Jones

Andrea Jones is a technology specialist in Virginia. A former French teacher, she currently supports technology integration in a middle school.