State Grids Will Expand Access to State-specific Open Educational Resources Starting This Fall

Alameda, CA – July 1, 2014. EduTone Corporation announced today that with the recent release of version 5 of EduTone XchangeTM (ETXv5), it will now include the Global Grid for Learning, known for its growing library of 2,000,000+ high quality digital assets licensed from over 50 publishers, as a free Single Sign-On (SSO) solution for educational institutions around the world through regional, statewide and countrywide Grids for Learning, which are preloaded with open educational resources (OERs) available and recommended for a given region.

In the US, the newly launched State Grids for Learning, built under the Global Grid for Learning umbrella, will be redefining single sign-on for educational institutions by providing them with a single point of access – via web browser or mobile app – from any personal or institution-owned internet-enabled device (Android, Windows, ChromeOS or iOS computers, smart phones or tablets) for all of an educational institution’s existing apps, SaaS tools, digital files and web links. Free and premium versions of State Grids with more features and functionality will soon be available online and through local EduTone sales partners.

“Beginning in the U.S. – starting with Alabama, California, Florida, and Pennsylvania – State Grids for Learning will provide a single point of access to all of a given State’s OERs and publicly-funded educational web services, making access and usage by educators and students easier and more seamless,” explained Robert Iskander, Founder and Chairman of EduTone.

“The integrated SSO Enterprise Marketplace enables educational institutions to allow any group of administrators, teachers and students to try hundreds of popular cloud-based subscription services they might not currently be subscribing to before institutions invest in them. This includes the ability to instantly provision services across the entire institution – or district, or state, or even whole country. All Grids for Learning will also include free access to thousands of assets within our own Digital Content Library as well as our teacher community portal, WeTheTeachers, a growing community of 75,000 educators,” added EduTone CEO Julian Mobbs.

By upgrading to the Premium Edition of their State Grid for Learning, educational institutions can take advantage of a growing library of SSO, provisioning and data integration “Connectors” to enable interoperability and SSO with their existing web-based resources. Educational institutions can also choose to add their own branded online stores to sell merchandise, raise funds and collect payments.

“The State Grids for Learning program enables us to build from our strong initial traction selling the EduTone Xchange platform in Alabama,” explained Quincy Minor, President of ITS. “The new features and functionality, including the Marketplace, mandated state resources and single sign-on connectors for popularly used services will make the Alabama Grid for Learning only more appealing to the schools and educators.”

State Grids for Learning demonstrate the hierarchical and multitenant nature of ETXv5. The platform can be deployed across an individual institution, a whole district or region or at a national level, enabling web-based services to be provisioned quickly and efficiently to any end user group or role defined by the institution. State Grids include a limited number of predefined roles; educational institutions can affordably upgrade to the Premium Edition where they can customize roles to meet their needs.

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EduTone simplifies the complex world of interoperability to create seamless teaching and learning experiences that save time, money (and administrative headaches). The EduTone XchangeTM (ETX) cloud-based, educational ecosystem gives institutions in a given district, region or country a single point of access to all of their web-based resources – via web browser or mobile app – on any personal or institution-owned internet-enabled device (Android, Windows, ChromeOS or iOS computer, smartphone or tablet). Educational institutions can access our services for free via a regional Grid for Learning and upgrade to the Premium Edition through local EduTone sales partners or invest in customized solutions built for white-label partners for the educational institutions they serve. ETX is a past triple winner of SIIA’s Codie Award, garnering Best Solution for the K-12, enterprise and education categories. EduTone Corporation is a privately held corporation headquartered in Alameda, California, with affiliated offices in the UK and Australia. For more information, please visit and

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Andrea Jones

Andrea Jones is a technology specialist in Virginia. A former French teacher, she currently supports technology integration in a middle school.