rSmart, a leader in enterprise resource planning (ERP) software for higher education, is working with Michigan State University (MSU) to help train the next generation of Kuali software developers. The intensive, 12-week internship will teach MSU students the skills needed to develop, enhance, and maintain Kuali applications.

As a member of the Kuali Community, Michigan State University uses Kuali’s open source, community-developed software for its grant and research administration (Kuali Coeus) and financial operations (Kuali Financial System) along with Kuali Rice, the enterprise-class middleware that serves as the backbone of all Kuali applications.

The paid internship program will be divided into two phases. The first phase will focus on core software programming and technical skills in a hands-on lab with competency evaluations. During the second phase, rSmart will deliver a weeklong intensive training on Kuali Rice workflow applications. Upon successful completion of the internship, there will be potential employment opportunities within the MSU community.

“Michigan State strives to provide students the skills and training needed to make a successful transition into the workforce. The goal of this new internship is to provide top students the opportunity to work at MSU and directly contribute to Kuali applications on campus,” said Joann Silsby, IT Services Training.

As a founding member of Kuali, rSmart has been providing Kuali solutions, services, training, and support to colleges and universities for ten years. Today, more than 70 institutions and thousands of users are using Kuali software that is built for higher education, by higher education.

“As institutions face increased pressure to contain costs and improve student success, Kuali continues to be the perfect alternative to expensive, proprietary administrative software. By creating a pathway for students to learn important software engineering and community development skills, MSU is helping ensure Kuali’s continued success and growth in the future,” said Chris Coppola, rSmart CEO.

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rSmart, a leader in enterprise resource planning (ERP) software for higher education, empowers colleges and universities to embrace community-driven, open source software. We make Kuali ERP software enterprise ready with cloud delivery, enhanced functionality, professional services, and support. Our customers significantly reduce research, financial, and student administration costs through improved processes and freedom from expensive, overly customized, and difficult to maintain legacy and proprietary software. rSmart is privately held and headquartered in Scottsdale, AZ. Learn more at

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Andrea Jones

Andrea Jones is a technology specialist in Virginia. A former French teacher, she currently supports technology integration in a middle school.