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Three terrific virtual tours for the classroom

Access these science, space, and history virtual tours for a truly transformative classroom experience

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Virtual classrooms may be the norm in the future

The benefits of virtual field tours are well known: They’re inexpensive—often free—and are less time-consuming than a real trip.

But researching which virtual field trips are best can prove labor-intensive, and many resources are out-of-date.

Know of any other great virtual field tours that didn’t make the list? Be sure to leave your suggestion in the comments section below.

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1.  Colonial Williamsburg [2]

U.S. history comes alive with a tour of Colonial Williamsburg, which hosts the best, and the longest running, electronic field trips in the nation. Discover how the Revolutionary War reached into the West to frontier communities in the Ohio River Valley. American Indians, French traders, British and American colonists, and African Americans faced life-changing decisions about whether to fight—and on which side.


2.  EducateVia360 [3]

Where would you like to visit today? The Airborne & Special Operations Museum? Chimney Rock? How about Charles Towne Landing, the original site of the first permanent English settlement in the Carolinas?

This North Carolina-based education platform provides a unique experience by making learning come alive in the classroom. Prices vary for each trip. View this demo field here [4].


3.  NASA [5]

Love science and space? Then you must visit NASA’s virtual tour for educators and students. Watch how a local school used Lifesize’s video conferencing system to allow their students to take a virtual field trip with NASA.