Erin Klein, a 2014 Teacher of the Year, also emphasizes mutual respect and interpersonal communication. “Teach every child in your room as if they’re a member of your family.” For greater introspection and details from the conference, read Erin’s full post on her blog.

Angela Watson, founder of Due Season Press & Educational Services, summarizes some of the “aha moments” that impacted her the most in 2014. Read her full reflection on her website, The Cornerstone for Teachers.

Jeff Charbonneau, a 2013 National Teacher of the Year, suggests that greater attention should be devoted to teaching evaluations instead of teacher evaluations. Apparently, many attendees agree.

Long considered a nuisance and distraction in the classroom, Justin Tarte, director of curriculum & support services in the Union R-XI School District, controversially suggested lifting the ban of cellphones in the classroom. His tweet received scores of comments and more than 300 retweets.

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