2.  Promote understanding of technology pedagogical practices

This practice can be more important to effective instruction than technical mastery of technology, although both elements are essential. Extensive training in both pedagogy and technology are needed through ongoing professional development opportunities.

3.  Teacher participation

Teachers participating in a PD program that includes coaching or mentoring are more likely to implement new instructional methods. A study conducted by the International Society for Technology in Education (ISTE) demonstrated that teachers who received coaching implemented new instructional methods at a rate of 85 percent, while only 15 percent of teachers without coaching support implemented new methods.

4.  Adopt a learnercentered pedagogy

These schools tend to experience greater integration and more effective use of technology in the classroom. Technology is less effective when used to support traditional “teacher‐centered” pedagogies, which tend to use technology as a supplement rather than as a core element of instruction.

5.  Provide access to online information repositories

These repositories offer teachers continuous and convenient access to relevant teaching resources. Many teachers report success conducting research at their own pace. The characteristics of an instructor’s particular subject area may also demand specialized investigations and considerations. For these reasons, successful professional development programs offer extensive online resources that teachers can access and search as needed.

6.  School structure

Structure your school’s “policies, practices, culture, and funding” to facilitate the integration of educational technology. Successful change in the classroom must be supported at the building and district levels. If access to and use of technology are not continuous from year-to‐ year, it is difficult to effect meaningful change in pedagogy.

7.  Make use of the technologies that teachers will be using.

The ISTE notes that “learning with technology is more important than learning about technology.” Teachers benefit by seeing what and how they can learn through available technological tools.

Incorporate these 7 professional development tips into your instructional technology integration plan to provide opportunities for educators to fully understand and adapt their instructional techniques to new technological advances.

Amy Moynihan is currently a Ph.D. candidate in Higher Education at The University of Virginia, Curry School of Education.