Awarded the 2010 Parents’ Choice Silver Honors Award for top mobile app for kids, Mobicip includes a range of controls that are sure to help teachers, administrators, and parents. With three restriction levels, Mobicip blocks sites and apps depending on their age. For example, if your student is in middle school they wouldn’t be allowed to go onto chat sites and social networking apps. (Cost: Free)

My Mobile Watchdog

Created for parents monitoring their children, schools can use My Mobile Watchdog to get alerts on a teacher’s computer when there are questionable texts, photos, and videos being sent. With schools working alongside parents this particular app can help to prevent cyberbullying in schools and at home. (Cost: $9.95 per month for one student)

Net Nanny

With Net Nanny, notification monitors are able to send alerts when specified alarming keywords are used. School officials and parents can work together to come up with a list of words to put into the system in order to keep track of circumstances that arise. This program also has the added benefit of working on computers and mobiles. (Cost: $39.99 per year for computers)

Online Guardian

Trend Micro’s Online Guardian has a slightly different motivation in its creation. After a mother witnessed her daughter being cyberbullied, she did what any parent would do and found a way to help. Online Guardian allows parents and educators to track social networking sites. Because the majority of cyberbullying occurs on social media, this program is ideal in prevention. (Cost: $49.95)


The backstory of SocialShield is similar to Online Guardian; SocialShield was founded by two men who heard their friend’s daughter received unwanted attention from an adult on Facebook. By using cloud-based software, SocialShield has the ability to be accessed from anywhere via computer or phone. While teachers can use this program to receive alerts pinpointing on keywords parents can also help by setting their own restrictions regarding sites students can visit. (Cost: $10 per month)

Gaby Arancibia is an editorial intern. 

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