Leonisa Ardizzone’s book offers 40+ hands-on activities for children to explore the wonders of science with easy-to-find materials and step-by-step instructions

Lewisville, North Carolina – July 14, 2014 – Gryphon House, Inc., a leading publisher of early childhood resources, provides parents and teachers with simple ideas to introduce the world of scientific discovery to young children with its latest book, Science—Not Just for Scientists!, written by Leonisa Ardizzone, EdD. The 40-plus hands-on activities, reproducible handouts, and engaging and colorful photos will empower children to question, experiment, and develop abstract reasoning skills. With the help of step-by-step instructions and lists of easy-to-find materials, children will explore:

• Pattern in the Sky: Constellations
• The Water Cycle
• Who Can Live Here?
• Big, Small, and In Between
• Simple Machines
• Energy Paths

While many science books present adult-directed lessons for elementary-age children, this book focuses on child-driven, thematic, inquiry-based science explorations for children ages 3-6. Each chapter provides an introduction to a theme and activities to incorporate into the classroom. The chapter topics are drawn from A Framework for K-12 Science Education: Practices, Crosscutting Concepts, and Core Ideas: patterns, cause and effect, size and scale, change and growth, energy, and how things work. Science—Not Just for Scientists! has a helpful resource section at the end of the book that features websites, books, and educational apps for readers to explore.

“Children are scientists by nature,” said Ardizzone. “The easy-to-follow activities in this book provide them with a road map for harnessing this innate thinking to ask: how, when, where, and why during their journey of scientific discovery.”

Science—Not Just for Scientists! (ISBN: 978-0-87659-484-1, 96 pages, $12.95) will be available to purchase in October 2014. Parents and educators may preorder books here. For writers interested in e-galley copies, please email Lauren@kehcomm.com.

About the Author

Leonisa Ardizzone, EdD, has been a science educator for more than 20 years. After completing her doctorate at Columbia University, she was assistant professor at Adelphi University and Fordham University. She served as the executive director of the Salvadori Center, which provides professional development for teachers in architecture and engineering. She is the owner of Storefront Science, a science exploration program in New York City. Every day, she helps children “explore outside their doors.”

About Gryphon House, Inc.

Gryphon House is an award-winning publisher of resource books for parents and teachers of children from birth through age eight. Developmentally appropriate and easy-to-use, Gryphon House books provide parents and teachers with the tools they need to bring the joy of learning to young children. To learn more, or to check out the entire collection, visit www.gryphonhouse.com.

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