16-19 OCTOBER 2014

International and bilingual education expert Brad Philpot joins line up of distinguished speakers at IB conference in Rome

Learning language in an international context

Brad Philpot, Cambridge University Press author and expert in high-quality professional development for teachers of the IB Diploma programme, has been announced as one of the distinguished speakers at the IB Africa, Europe and Middle East regional conference in Rome, October 16-19 2014.

His presentation on Friday 17 October, ‘Learning language in an international context’, is a must for anyone interested in seeing IB philosophy in practice and exploring how education can prepare young individuals for the challenges of the 21st century.

In a world that is becoming more diverse, multi-national and technology-driven, employers are seeking young individuals who are more flexible, multilingual and adaptable. In this talk, Brad will explore how such challenges can be tackled in the language classroom through pedagogically-sound educational materials. He will draw on examples from his recent textbook English B for the IB Diploma, showing how language skills, intercultural skills and critical thinking can be developed simultaneously. He will also demonstrate how the English B curriculum can be informed by the IB’s Approaches to Teaching and Learning, the Learner Profile and Howard Gardner’s Five Minds for the Future. This engaging and interactive talk will be followed by a question and answer session.
“Education is undergoing something of a paradigm shift at the moment as we move across from being a predominantly knowledge-based society to a more creation-based economy,” said Brad. “For students nowadays it’s not so much about what facts they know, but more about how they are able to deal with information. They need to be able to synthesise what they are learning by bringing together and making sense of all the different information they receive. That is one of the employability skills highlighted recently by the British Council.”

His book English B for the IB Diploma aims to stimulate classroom interaction, but is also useful for individual learners. It features activities and authentic texts to develop reading, comprehension and integrated study ideas for IB central core featuring LP (learner profile) CAS (creation, action, service) TOK (theory of knowledge) EE (extended essay) and a glossary with definitions of key vocabulary. It also offers comprehensive learning and support for teachers and students, ideas for extensive reading material, activities to build language skills and cultural understanding for extension essays, research and exam preparation.

Also useful for students of IGCSE and A Levels, the book is not tied to the IB and so, uniquely, can offer students the chance to take mock exam papers – the answers are available on the Cambridge University Press website.

To register for the presentation see the IB conference website.

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