VERO BEACH, Fla. (July 21, 2014) –Flat-bodied and fierce looking, the Texas horned lizard remains on the endangered list though it is still thriving in parts of the state, according to a recent media report. But thanks to a fascinating new series soon to be released for fall 2014 by Rourke Educational Media, students in grades K-3 will get to know the Texas horned lizard up close and personal.

The eight-title series, “Close-Up on Amazing Animals,” explores the unique adaptations and relationships that help animals survive in the wild. In one of the new series’ books, “Fighting for Survival: Predators and Prey,” the Texas horned lizard is profiled for its unique ability to squirt a stream of blood from the corners of its eyes, as well as its mouth, to confuse attackers.

“Teachers and students alike will love this new series because the books are not only entertaining and engaging, but very educational,” said Luana Mitten, director of instructional services, Rourke Educational Media. “Plus, the rich color photographs and maps assist students with comprehension and vocabulary development.”

Mitten noted the 24-page books are “ahead of the curve” in the quality of writing, and added they are a standout choice for educators implementing Common Core State Standards.

The other seven titles in the series are:

• “Born in the Wild: Baby Animals”
• “Finding a Mate: Animal Companions”
• “Hidden in Plain Sight: Animal Camouflage”
• “Made in the Wild: Animal Builders”
• “Masters of Disguise: Animal Mimicry”
• “On the Move: Animal Migration”
• “Teaming Up: Animal Partners”

These titles will be available in August in hardcover, paperback and ebook formats.

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