(July 22, 2014) – Getting quantitative data from classroom activities proves difficult, but three packs designed to work with National Instruments’ myDAQ data acquisition tool help educators do just that.

While Pitsco Education’s Action Packs offer an eye-opening look at earthquakes, energy, and heat, the myDAQ is both a powerful and affordable tool for the classroom or technology lab.

“The data acquisition is displayed in real time, allowing students to manipulate one variable at a time and actually see the change happening,” Pitsco Representative Alan Kirby said of the myDAQ.

Pitsco’s three Action Packs are:
• Understand Structures & Earthquakes – Delivering real data of model structures being tested for stresses similar to those in an earthquake – thanks to the included myQuake miniSystem – provides students with an analysis and understanding that they cannot get from the typical earthquake-testing activity.
• Explore Power & Energy – Energy consumption becomes clear with the simulated electric smart grid in this pack. Using it, students learn how a power grid works and then solve an energy challenge.
• Discover Heat Transfer – By measuring and gathering data about heat and how it transfers through different materials, students learn about thermal conduction, insulation, and more with the myTemp miniSystem used in this pack.

Each action pack includes lesson plans with relevant standards, the required miniSystem, equipment, and software. Requires the use of NI myDAQ hardware, sold separately. The packs come in sizes for 3, 25, or 60 students.

To learn more about the Pitsco Action Packs, visit www.pitsco.com or call 800-835-0686.

• Catalog links: http://www.pitsco.com/Understand_Structures_and_Earthquakes_Action_Pack, http://www.pitsco.com/Explore_Power_and_Energy_Action_Pack, http://www.pitsco.com/Discover_Heat_Transfer_Action_Pack
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About the Author:

Andrea Jones

Andrea Jones is a technology specialist in Virginia. A former French teacher, she currently supports technology integration in a middle school.