Will traditional tutors become obsolete with rising app popularity?


Deciding if you want to use a tutor, or if you’d just rather download an app to help you, is becoming more difficult these days. Technology has and will continue to amaze us with its new inventions, but when people question if professions are necessary, should we become concerned?

A tutor has historically been an instructor who meets a student at their home or a library to help with assignments or a specific subject–but with apps, students often have more on-demand academic help.

Learning from an app can be ideal for the new generation because it offers flexibility and little or no cost.

“Mobile and web applications offer personalized, low cost learning 24/7,” says Kristen Winkler, an education blogger and founder of EDUKWEST. “No need to deal with scheduling lessons in advance, cancellations or other annoying stuff.”

When it comes to a private tutor, prices can range from $10 to $15 per hour if hiring a high school student, and up to $75 per hour for a certified teacher with experience, according to care.com.

Solution: Instead of paying for someone to come in, why not just sign up for free or nearly free program students can access at any time?

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