Top software that will make every teacher’s life easier

Therefore, finding anything that can help you to speed up the planning process can be a great tool to have at your disposal.

Online Lesson Plan Maker by

With a free online lesson plan maker, “Teachnology” has a dozen of their own teacher resources. You can save your plan after you have generated it and includes a “what to include in your lesson plan” tutorial. by Jenson Learning

You can get a free step-by-step lesson plan builder which allows you to create and plan classes in 10 minutes.

2. Gradebooks

A hugely important aspect of your teaching is keeping track of grades. Grade tracking helps you to keep a record of, not only student test scores, but also their attendance and overall progress. Using a software to keep records of students’ scores can make it much easier and quicker to see the progress and areas of improvement needed for each student at a glance.


Gradekeeper is a software download which allows teachers to enter assignments and scores for students. Once entered, Gradekeeper calculates grades as well as providing seating charts and printable reports. You can also receive progress reports by email. Individual licenses are available from $20.

First Class Gradebook by

Heralded as the “best electronic grading / teacher’s Gradebook software on the market today”, this web-enabled Gradebook allows teachers, students and parents to login and see their grades. A free trial is also offered.

3. Polling and survey tools

Online survey tools are an important addition to a teacher’s arsenal as it allows you to get feedback from students, parents and colleagues. Not only will it allow you to find out the opinions of the parents of your students, but will also allow you to gather information of the areas that students may feel they need more help with or clarification on.

Obsurvey is web survey software that allows you to create a survey using over 30 done-for-you survey templates. It is tool for conducting your own online surveys, with your own questions. You don’t need to download any software as it is an online based survey tool where surveys can be distributed online with a personal, password protected link.

Here you can create your own online surveys, collect responses and analyze the results with full automatic reporting provided (including graphs). Results and reports can also be downloaded and printed.

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