(SAN DIEGO) July 30, 2014 — To make the transition to Common Core State Standards easier on teachers and students, Learning Upgrade has released Math Upgrade 8. The course uses engaging videos and memorable songs to help students in 8th grade master every Common Core math standard.

The release of Math Upgrade 8 also marks the completion of Learning Upgrade’s three-year effort to offer math courses covering every Common Core standard for grades 1-8.

“Transitioning to Common Core will be a huge adjustment for both teachers and students as they return to school in the fall, particularly for older students who haven’t grown up with these new standards,” said Vinod Lobo, the co-founder of Learning Upgrade. “Getting Math Upgrade 8 ready for ‘back to school’ season was so important to us, and we hope this course will make the first weeks of school a little easier – and more fun!”

Rather than just doing the bare minimum to put a “Common Core-aligned” label on their products, the team at Learning Upgrade has designed every course from the ground up to address Common Core standards and the new computer-based tests. Each course covers every standard for one grade level with 60 interactive lessons. Teachers can quickly integrate the lessons into their classes using a simple one-page alignment, and can track every student’s progress on every standard with a graphical student monitor.

To further ease the transition to Common Core, Learning Upgrade is also offering 20 complimentary student licenses to U.S. schools with 300 or more students. Teachers can enroll students into any of the Math Upgrade and English Upgrade courses, which feature songs, video, and games to bring students up to proficiency. One teacher license is included for whole-class interactive musical lessons.

About Learning Upgrade
Founded in 1998 by educators, musicians, artists and programmers in San Diego, Learning Upgrade produces innovative, engaging lessons designed to support struggling students in reading and math. Through the incorporation of song, video, games and educational research, Learning Upgrade has helped thousands of students reach and exceed grade level requirements.

For more information about Learning Upgrade, please visit them online at learningupgrade.com

About the Author:

Andrea Jones

Andrea Jones is a technology specialist in Virginia. A former French teacher, she currently supports technology integration in a middle school.