50 top ed-tech products, straight from educators


DimensionU creates engaging, interactive multiplayer video games that focus on core skills in math and literacy. “I am using the DimensionU system mainly in my math classroom. It has allowed my sixth-grade kids to enjoy practicing their math skills much more than traditional math practice assignments,” said Elizabeth Prescan, a teacher in Pinellas County, Fla. “I can also choose the skills they are to practice while they play the games. Kids enter my class daily and ask, ‘Is it a DimensionU day?’”


Discovery Education Streaming Plus

This collection of multimedia assets includes short instructional videos from Discovery Channel, Animal Planet, Science Channel, and more, as well as skill builders, games, audio files, images, writing prompts, and reference materials to support multiple learning styles. “My students watch video clips with the closed captioning on, and I find their vocabulary grows as they can conceptualize vocabulary when it’s embedded in a video context,” said Lisa Sorlie, a middle school teacher in Bonduel, Wis. “Also, I love, love, love the Common Core search options. It makes lesson planning great.”



Edsby is a web-based “social learning system” that runs on any device and facilitates information sharing across a school or district. Students can check their schedules and interact with classes; parents can see their kids’ homework and grades; teachers have access to course planning, attendance, and assessment tools; and administrators can identify at-risk students. “Edsby has improved communication in more ways than I can recount here,” said Mary Ashun, principal at Philopateer Christian College in Ontario. “We have benefitted so much from this program in our school—I’m not sure how we survived without it!”


EDU 2.0

EDU 2.0 is a simple, yet powerful learning management system that is available in free and premium versions. The free version includes an unlimited number of teacher accounts and up to 1,000 student accounts, and premium access includes tech support, a customizable portal, and integration with third-party learning tools. “I have been using EDU 2.0 for six years and have seen this incredible LMS consistently improve year after year,” said Aaron Minor, a teacher for the Gateway School District in Pennsylvania. “My students love the ease of use and the access they have to their classes from any internet connection. The other teachers who use it have been amazed at how much time they save. In addition, the layout of the site is similar to many social networks, which makes it comfortable for users.”



eduCanon is a free online application for creating and sharing interactive video lessons. Teachers can take any video content from YouTube, Vimeo, or similar sites and transform it into an active learning experience for their students. “I started using flipped lessons on an almost daily basis this year,” said Mark Alber, a science teacher at Friends Academy in New York. “Prior to using eduCanon, I didn’t have a good way to monitor the students’ use of the videos I was posting. Now, I not only know that they’ve watched the video, but I can also determine how well they are grasping the content by using the embedded question feature. Best of all, the students really enjoy the system. They actually like the accountability, and they love being able to learn at their own pace.”


Eduvision (JDL Horizons)

Eduvision is an online portal for hosting, streaming, and sharing video content. Eduvision helps schools “use the power of video to transform education—enabling new teaching methods such as flipped and blended learning, providing 24/7 professional development for teachers, and enabling … live streaming to build community involvement and engagement,” said Robert Reppert, school technology coordinator for the Mississippi Bend Area Education Agency in Iowa. “Eduvision makes it easy, and safe, to create and share educational videos. It protects student privacy and provides a secure, easily managed repository for curriculum assets that can be integrated into [an] LMS and also syndicated [for] sharing across districts and even states.”


einstein Tablet+ (Fourier Education)

einstein Tablet+ is an all-in-one device designed for science education, with built-in sensors for testing light, temperature, heart rate, and more. It also includes data analysis software and science labs and activities. “I’m always looking for the best tools for teachers to use to engage their students in authentic scientific inquiry,” said Kenneth Linsley, regional STEM coordinator for the Northeast Georgia Regional Educational Service Agency. “The einstein Tablet+ is exactly what teachers and students need to engage in collecting real data in real time, just like real scientists. … If data collection was all the einstein Tablet+ did, it would be a great value, but it also functions as a regular tablet—making it a versatile resource in all content areas.”


Fast ForWord (Scientific Learning Corp.)

Fast ForWord is an online reading intervention product that uses the principles of neuroplasticity—the ability of the brain to rewire and improve—to treat the underlying cause of language and reading difficulties. “Our campus is using Fast ForWord to support students with auditory processing difficulties,” said Sally-Anne Walton, Year 5 teacher at St. Paul’s Anglican Grammar School in Australia. “Over the last two years, we have had very positive results with regard to students’ attention in the classroom, as well as improved reading and spelling. The biggest difference we have seen is the confidence the children have shown since participating in this program. Teachers are reporting that students are participating more in class discussions and more willing to ‘have a go.’”


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