FLORENCE, Ala. – Virtual Village Classroom published its cloud based writing program,
Weekly Writer, proven to increase overall literacy among kindergarten through eighth grade
students in July 2014, for the 2014/15 school year.

“Weekly Writer promotes the Three E’s: enjoyment, engagement and enthusiasm for learning in
the classroom. A great curriculum resource supporting the integration of the Schoolwide
Enrichment Model, which provides enrichment learning for all students. Weekly Writer uses
technology to infuse a more engaging brand of learning into the regular curriculum,” Dr. Joseph
S. Renzulli, professor at the University of Connecticut (UConn).

Weekly Writer is a 36 week, curriculum resource that focuses on proper writing instruction and
critical thinking skills. Its goal is to empower students to ask great questions, getting them
thinking inside and outside of the box.

By subscribing to Weekly Writer, educators gain a flexible scope and sequence with access to all
grade level materials- perfect for teachers with above and below grade level students. All lessons
are designed by a working professional writer and consultant and certified by educational
specialists in early childhood, elementary and junior high. The program is research based and
aligned with Common Core Standards.

Because Weekly Writer is online, kindergarten through eighth grade teachers and students will be
able to access the program at any time, through any device with an internet connection. The
program’s application, Flip App, makes it easy for all to connect, whether at home or in the
classroom. This is an ideal feature for the flipped classroom model as well as the traditional
setting. This application also allows educators to control what their students can and cannot
access within the program.

For more information regarding Weekly Writer or Virtual Village Classroom, email
info@vvclassroom.com or call 256-349-5020.


About the Author:

Abi Mandelbaum

Abi Mandelbaum is CEO of YouVisit.