Alexandria, VA (8/1/2014)—ASCD, a global community dedicated to excellence in learning, teaching, and leading, announces the redesign of the ASCD EDge® online community. Providing a platform to connect and interact with friends, colleagues, peers, and mentors in the field of education, ASCD EDge offers the best of professional social networking to more than 76,000 educators.

“ASCD connects educators with ideas and resources, and most important, with each other,” said Judy Seltz, ASCD acting executive director. “ASCD EDge offers teachers, principals, and administrators an easy way to exchange ideas with colleagues anywhere in the world.”

While using the ASCD Edge® platform, members can share documents, video, audio, photos, blogs, and more with colleagues and comment on all community and ASCD website content. Users can also post comments or recommendations on friends’ walls and profile pages.

The completely reimagined, responsive design of ASCD EDge now features several updates focused on enhancing user experience and professional networking:

Professional Recommendations: The new site enables users to recommend other community members. Recommendations can be drafted and submitted for approval to the recommended individual prior to public posting. This feature expands upon the already useful tools available for networking with other educators.

Blogger Home Pages: Users of ASCD EDge have the opportunity to create and post regularly to their own professional blog. All ASCD EDge bloggers will have their own blogging page that will feature their archive of blog posts, filtered by the most recent, most viewed, and highest rated. The redesigned site will also feature bloggers as a main navigation item to assist other community members in finding individuals who have posted blogs to ASCD EDge.

Document Sharing: Prior to the redesign, document sharing on ASCD EDge was available within groups for members of that specific group only. Individuals can now post documents to the wider community for sharing, rating, and commenting.

Related Groups: In order to enhance user experience and reach of professional networking, community members will now see related groups that are similar to the group they are currently viewing. These related groups can be joined with just one click so that users can quickly and easily expand their personal network and online community within ASCD EDge.

Ask & Share: The new site now provides a space for users to start conversations with fellow educators, post questions or ideas to the community, and receive feedback from others. Similar to a message board, this feature enables users to interact with one another in real time.

To join ASCD EDge, please visit For additional information on ASCD’s social networking opportunities, join ASCD on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, YouTube, Google+, and LinkedIn. You can also learn about ASCD’s other programs, products, services, and memberships at

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